ISF Watchkeeper Yachts is here!

ISF Watchkeeper Yachts

The new work and rest hour compliance solution for the yachting sector


Mobile app to record and test compliance, with live compliance status.


Instant access on smartphone, Mac, tablet and PC for you and your crew


No more spreadsheets! No on-board installation required – everything is online


No more printing. Sign and lock timesheets and have them available on your mobile or online for inspection

Predictive Engine

Our compliance engine analyses hours in real-time and alerts you to any upcoming non-conformances, so you can plan ahead and take action

ISF Watchkeeper 4 Compliance

No more spreadsheets

Manage all your crew hours, sign off timesheets securely and forget using spreadsheets ever again!

ISF Watchkeeper 4 Tablet

Why Watchkeeper?

ISF Watchkeeper is the most widely used rest hour compliance solution in the world, currently operating on over 8,500 ships

ISF Watchkeeper 4 Laptop

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