STCW Crew Work Rest Hours Software Products

The complete crew work and rest hours management software
for STCW and MLC

How do you manage all of your crew across multiple vessels around the globe and ensure they are complying with work and rest hour regulations to avoid costly issues with port state control? The answer is ISF Watchkeeper, the industry standard work and rest hour compliance solution. ISF Watchkeeper offers a range of rest hours software for desktop, mobile and web in full compliance with STCW, MLC 2006 regulations, OCIMF and OPA 90.

Rest Hours App Chooser

ISF Watchkeeper 3

Automate the task of seafarer work and rest hour compliance. Prevent crew fatigue and avoid Port State Control problems.

ISF Watchkeeper 4

The new work and rest hour compliance
solution for web, mobile and tablet

ISF Watchkeeper 3 Online

ISF Watchkeeper 3 Online includes all ISF Watchkeeper functionality and allows your fleets to synchronise their data to the Cloud, allowing you to manage alerts, notifications and reports seamlessly, from the shore.

The only mobile app to show live compliance status,
allowing real time tracking and testing.

Contact us for a free trial and to find out more about how we can help you manage your crew work and rest hours compliance. With our complete range of work and rest hours management software platforms, we can discuss a solution to match your needs. You can also find more information in our Work Rest Hours Compliance FAQ

ISF Watchkeeper is already installed aboard over 8500 vessels, across 62 vessel types and is the only crew work and rest hours software solution backed by the expertise of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), whose members include over 80 percent of the global merchant fleet and who have represented the industry at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and International Labour Organization (ILO) for more that 50 years.