The Original Crew Rest Hours Compliance Solution

ISF Watchkeeper 3

Operating since 1998, ISF Watchkeeper is the original crew work and rest hour compliance solution, used by more than 800 companies and trusted by port state control. With ISF Watchkeeper, record-keeping and data entry is simple, efficient and secure, meeting stringent data protection requirements, and keeping you ahead of the regulatory curve by automatically calculating seafarers’ rest hours compliance.

Teamwork between ship and shore is promoted through automatic syncing and automated alerts. ISF Watchkeeper benefits from constant innovation and improvement with tools such as the unique Planner and online data-sync to help ensure hours are managed in advance of periods of high stress, such as port visits. For effortless compliance, customer credibility and to safeguard your crew and vessels; choose ISF Watchkeeper. Contact us today for a free trial.

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ISF Watchkeeper 3 Desktop Features

ISF Watchkeeper 3 Desktop runs on board your vessels and synchronises its data with ISF Watchkeeper 3 Online, so your office-based staff are always up-to-date

Automate seafarer work and rest hour compliance

Put an end to manual checks and spreadsheets. Set up schedules and reduce the workload on staff

Comply with the Regulations

Reduce Crew fatigue whilst complying with STCW2010, ILO MLC, US OPA 90 and OCIMF (TMSA 3 & SIRE 2.0) recommendations

Plan ahead

Make teams. Share work schedules with onshore office staff

International Date Line Crossing

Plan and track rest hours compliance across international date lines

Auto-Sync with Online

Synchronise automatically, via email or web, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, ensuring you're always up-to-date

Safety Drills

Safety drills can now be logged separately, to ensure overtime is correctly calculated

ISF Watchkeeper Version 3.52 is now available

With powerful new Auto-sync features, allowing vessels to synchronise their onboard data with the Watchkeeper Online platform, daily, weekly or monthly, you can now track and manage compliance issues even more easily than before.

If you're an existing ISF Watchkeeper Customer, this upgrade, like all upgrades is FREE! Contact sales or support for information on how to update your current version.

ISF Watchkeeper Version 3.51 features

If you haven’t yet upgraded from previous versions of ISF Watchkeeper (ISF Watchkeeper 3.41 and below), you might also want to review the below features which were added in Version 3.51 and are also part of this new upgrade to version 3.52:


  • Non-conformance alerts: For shore-based staff, using Watchkeeper Online.
  • Team Planner: Create multi-crew plans around work schedules and share these plans and revisions with your shore-based offices
  • NC Activity analysis:  Track what activities are being performed during non-conformance
  • International Date Line Crossing: Easily account for days gained or lost when crossing date lines and stay compliant.
  • Multi-Language Reports: Language options for ships where the working language is not English