ISF Watchkeeper: Rest Hours Compliance for any Vessel Type

ISF Watchkeeper, in association with the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), is proud to be constantly innovating and developing its software to ensure that every type of vessel can benefit from the best crew rest hours management solutions available.

ISF Watchkeeper is used on board over 9000 vessels globally across 887 companies, constantly branching out to accommodate the needs of every type of vessel. Our new online, cloud-based application, ISF Watchkeeper 4, which can be used on mobile devices and tablets, has enabled us to extend our reach into the yachting sector, as well as providing compliance solutions for other near-shore vessels, such as tugs, ferries and cruise ships.

At the same time, our original, and ever-popular desktop application, ISF Watchkeeper 3, is still serving container vessels, bulkers, tankers, plus over 60 other merchant vessel types, with its ability to be used offline and then automatically synced to Watchkeeper Online for data aggregation and reporting; it is constantly evolving to provide new solutions to better manage crew work and rest hours compliance.

Please click here for a free trial of ISF Watchkeeper.

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