Announcing ISF Watchkeeper 3.52 with Auto-sync

IT Energy and the International Chamber of Shipping are pleased to announce a new version Watchkeeper Desktop is now available, free-of-charge, to all Watchkeeper subscribers.

ISF Watchkeeper Version 3.52 is now available


  • Auto-Sync: ISF Watchkeeper 3.52 can now be set up to synchronise automatically with Watchkeeper Online. This allows you to receive daily alerts, statistics and warnings on non-conformities and other notifications, based on your own custom settings
  • Safety Drills: You can now log safety drills separately from normal work hours, to ensure overtime is calculated more accurately
  • Silent/Remote Install: A scripted install process for customers with locked-down servers, or using automation software
  • Remote SQL Server: ISF Watchkeeper 3.52 can attach to a separate SQL server on your network, as long as it is running SQL Server 2012 SP3 *suppport for SQL2019 coming soon
  • Performance Improvements: We’ve made a number of improvements and speed enhancements to this version of Watchkeeper.

If you’re an existing ISF Watchkeeper Customer, this upgrade, like all upgrades is FREE! Contact sales or support or visit our website, for information on how to update your current version.

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