ISF Watchkeeper 3 Online Improvements (June 2020)

Watchkeeper Online Dashboard

IT Energy and the International Chamber of Shipping are pleased to announce an enhanced and modernised ISF Watchkeeper 3 Online layout, which is now live.

We’ve listened to your feedback and made a number of exciting changes to the portal, giving it a modern, fresh look and feel for 2020.

ISF Watchkeeper 3 Online is of use to so many companies for monitoring their vessel compliance levels and to receive automated alerts for specified non-conformance events. Users can also view seafarer activity during non-conformance to aid in decision making.
ISF Watchkeeper 3 Online New Dashboard

Watchkeeper Online Dashboard

We love feedback! Please tell us what you think so that we can keep improving the product for you. We have several new things planned for later this year and would value your comments to ensure we keep delivering what you need

If you are not currently using ISF Watchkeeper 3 Online for your monitoring and would like to try it out for free, please let us know!

Send feedback to: sales at

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